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Richard is available for consultation, either in person or over the phone, on any type of family law divorce/dissolution question, including child custody, a request to modify or change child or spousal support, domestic violence, pre and post marital agreements or complex property issues.

Many people in family law court have listened to friends and family members who give them advice or tell them what they got when they went to Court.  9 times out of 10 the results are different.   Richard is willing to spend time with people who want to represent themselves.  He can give them advice and directions on how to proceed.  He will explain the process and why every case is different.  Richard can provide support calculations based on the information that is provided by the client and he knows from experience his calculations will be more accurate then the online calculators.   He can carefully explain the need to protect retirement and pension benefits.  He can explain what steps are necessary before the Court will give the client a final judgment.  Family Law matters are simple for the Judge and the attorneys, but they are complicated for the person representing themselves.

Richard so strongly believes that all people should consult with qualified family law attorneys before they file their own paper work or go to court, that he discounts his normal hourly fee.  Because of the information which needs to be obtained from clients, the minimum time required for any consultation is generally one hour.  He is available to act as a “shadow”  counsel for that same discounted hourly fee.  Call him at  707-999-0740