Dissolution/Divorce:  If there are “50 ways to leave your lover,” as the song by Paul Simon says, there must be at least that many ways to end your marriage.  In California a court must grant an order which ends your marriage and people employ attorneys or do it themselves.  Do-it-yourself dissolutions–or divorces as they are sometimes called– is an increasingly common phenomenon. By some estimates, a marriage is terminated by the do-it-yourself  dissolution in over 60 percent of the cases.  As a result of the number of people involved in those cases the California legislature in its infinite wisdom has decided that the process should be “customer friendly.”  More about this in a post.

If your marriage is short–only a few months and you realize it was a mistake, a do-it-yourself divorce may be your best option,  because you may only need is a simple divorce decree saying you are no longer married.  They are called summary dissolutions.

But if you have been married for longer than a few months (or a few years) and there are children involved, or a business, or substantial marital assets including retirements and/or deferred compensation plans including IRA’s and 401Ks,  you should look at the cost of retaining an experienced attorney as an investment to protect the things you have that are at risk.  More importantly, even if you feel that you and your spouse are  “on the same page” about how to settle all the issues, you and your spouse should take them time and invest in a consultation with a qualified family law attorney.  Most of the time that can be accomplished in about an hour.

You might also consider using mediation to resolve the issues of your marriage.

Dissolution of marriage is not simply an event to treat with dispatch. It is a life-altering process with long-term consequences.

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Richard’s approach to family law and the termination of a marriage and the marital relationship has been developed over 35 years and is based on  hard gained knowledge and experience.  He fully understands that dissolution/divorce for some is an emotional minefield. For others, it is a custody nightmare.  And for many it is a complete nightmare as they try to navigate the court system and try to end the marriage.

There are those who mistakenly think that the money matters involved in divorce — property division and support — are straightforward because of California’s community property laws and state-mandated support guidelines.  In reality, there is significant room for discretion.  It takes a dedicated professional with deep knowledge of marital and tax law to identify the possibilities in a timely and cost-effective way.

Richard believes that as family law specialist he has  a responsibility to educate his clients so that they fully understand their options regarding the issues which must be addressed.  He can guide them through the complexities of what they have to get through, and help them move on with their lives in the best possible way.  But he fully believes that the final decisions that are to be made belong to his client and should not be decided by anyone else–including the judge.

Richard knows from experience that settlement is generally the better course of action for all of his clients. Mediation is another option and in his opinion the best option if all the parties will commit. You do not need to spend a lot of money if you really want to resolve your case.  Nevertheless,  Richard Urquhart is a very experienced trial lawyer who is willing and ready to fight in court whenever it is in the best interest of his client.  But he believes that his clients should do all they can to settle before they enter that arena and let some individual in a black robe decide their future lives.

To speak with C. Richard Urquhart, CFLS  please contact Hubbard, Unger & Urquhart in Vacaville.  Richard has been serving individuals and families in Solano County and the surrounding region for over 35 years.

Knowledgeable, Competent, Cost Effective