Richard’s fees  vary depending on the services that your request but fall in one of the following categories:

For first one-hour consultation:  $175.00

Many people call and ask about free consultations.  Free consultations are generally offered only in personal injury cases, because attorneys receive payment for their services and costs when the case settles.  In family law matters people generally want to know what is going to happen or what they are entitled to receive.  That means they are asking for legal advice-and that is the “product” that family law attorneys offer to the public and for which they are paid.  There are services which give free legal services and information.  Check with the local Superior Court.  Because Richard believes that everyone should get legal advice when they are involved in a family law case he substantially discounts his hourly rate for the first consultation.  Although a client may set up the first appointment for a half an hour for $150, he strongly suggests the first appointment be at least one hour so that  you have sufficient time to discuss your case fully.

For attorney services if retained:   $350 per hour

Depending on the facts the client provides at the first consultation, a deposit against the total estimated fees and costs will be requested.  The deposit is placed in a trust account and any unused fees will be refunded.  There is generally a nonrefundable fee initially charged to cover setting up the file and non-billable administrative costs.  The client will sign a retainer agreement and receive a copy.  Clients will receive monthly bills which show services provided and/or costs paid out.

Mediation services:   $250 per hour

Mediation services are for helping the clients reach an agreement.  They are payable immediately after each mediation session.  No deposits or advanced payments are required unless the clients want a session longer than two hours.  Richard can also prepare all  the necessary documents to formalize the agreements the client’s reach so that they can present them to the Court for filing and signing.  Depending on the particular case  the fee for documentation preparation is about $750-1000.

Court Costs:  These are fees the Courts charge for filing papers and requests for orders or they may include fees paid to outside consultants to obtain appraisals, custody evaluations, orders dividing retirements or other services necessary to solve all the issues which may arise.  They are not included in the fees for Richard’s services.

Limited Representation:

Limited representation is a method in which you can employ Richard for specific and limited family law matters.  For instance you want someone to represent you just on the issues surrounding the parenting of your children or you need help establishing child or spousal support only.  If you hire Richard for limited services then you will sign a limited representation agreement and  he will give you the option of either paying a one time fixed or flat fee or paying his regular hourly rate of $350 per hour.  If you chose an hourly rate then a retainer will be requested against which his time will be billed.  If you chose a fixed fee, then the entire fee is payable “up front,”  meaning it is payable fully as soon as you hire him.

Shadow Counsel $225 per hour

If you decide to represent yourself, you can also continue to use the services of Richard as a “Shadow Counsel.”  You appear in court , but you consult with Richard on an as needed basis, and he will give you the the guidance you need to present your case in Court.